Seven sure fire ways to fail in Real Estate

Posted by admin December - 31 - 1969 - Wednesday

We always hear about ways to succeed in Real Estate. Well here's a short list of things to do that will ensure that you fail in Real Estate.

1. Take your children to your first listing appointment for their entertainment value.

2. Lose your cool and cuss out your Buyer or Seller.

3. Lose your cool and cuss out your Broker.

4. Call your 10am appointment at 10:15 to let them know you will be there at 11:00.

5. Run out of gas while showing properties.

6. Place your lock box and sign on the property next door.

7. Try to compete with Bryant Tutas of Tutas Towne Realty, Inc in Poinciana Fl. (Well maybe not this one, but thought I'd throw it in anyway)

So if you are not a success you may be doing one or more of these………

Seven sure fire ways to fail in Real Estate.

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