350 DOM(days on market). Five contracts. And finally……..SUCCESS!!!

Another successful closing!!Today I had my last closing for 2007. Yippee!!! I made it through a difficult year. This particular closing is the definition for "get ‘er done!".

I listed this property on January 5th 2007. It was my first listing of the year and fittingly my last closing of the year. It's been quite the ride.

350 days on the market, 5 accepted contracts and at least that many that we didn't come to an agreement on. This property was in pending status for almost 200 of those 350 days.

Our first Buyer got caught up in the sub-prime fall out and couldn't close since he no longer qualified.

The next 2 Buyers got blown out by their MBs asking us to commit fraud at the last minute to get the deal closed.

The 4th Buyer just disappeared.

Finally, on our 5th try, we were able to get ‘er done. It wasn't easy. In fact I wrote a post about the "gift of equity" that the RMB(Realtor/Mortgage Broker) asked us to participate in at the last minute. Of course we said no, again, since he was asking us to commit fraud, again.

This time though I was able to salvage the Buyer and coached his RMB on an FHA loan tied in with the Nehemiah program. We closed today, legally! The RMB has now called me three times thanking me profusely for educating him. Hopefully he will now do things legally. We CAN change our profession one person at a time.

Folks, deals like this are what make us worth our weight in gold. They separate the men from the boys, the professionals from the wanabes.

It takes a lot of endurance and excellent communication skills to keep a Seller focused for almost a year and through 5 difficult contracts.

This deal also epitomizes how difficult the market is, in Poinciana FL, right now. Venus has to align with Mars to get a deal to closing.

My Sellers are awesome people and it was really a pleasure working with them this year. We had a lot of laughs at all the shenanigans folks were trying to pull on us. Together we hung tough and got this deal done on our terms and all above board. Thank you John and Barbara!!!

Folks, I wrote this post, not to brag but to show you that if you just hang in there and keep moving forward things will usually work out. We could have closed this deal months ago for a higher price BUT we would have had to commit fraud to do it. My Sellers are counting on me to not let that happen. They are paying me to watch their backs and that's exactly what I will do.

OK, that's it. I just felt I needed to share this today. Hang tough my friends and get 'er done!!! No one ever said our jobs were supposed to be easy. I know mine's not. Is yours? What's the most contracts you have had that have kicked on one property?

By the way, Blogging Bertha will have a special holiday treat for you in my her next post. Probably on Sunday, if all goes according to plan. It should be good……so stay tuned.

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