A Broker Bryant Mini Rant!!!!

Have you been over to the Q&A recently? If not, let me clue you in, it is possibly the most unprofessional place I have ever seen on the Internet. We now have so called "professionals" bickering back and forth in the answer area. I guess most of this comes from folks who just can't seem to understand that if you don't know the answer then DON"T answer the question!!! Man oh man that place is getting real scary.

If someone is asking a question about a contract or an issue in Canada they DO NOT CARE what the law is in TX, FL, OH, MN or anywhere else is. Do we really have to try and show everyone how smart we are?

The Q&A section of ActiveRain in my humble opinion needs to be shut down. And that to me is a real sad situation. It could be an awesome resource for the consumer. But all I see is bickering, wrong answers, soliciting for referrals fees, call me, look at me and blah blah blah. It's embarrassing.

OK I'm done.

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