Active Rain Family Does it Again–This Time With Short Sales!


I LOVE Debe Maxwell. OK I promise I did not pay her to write this post. In fact, I had completely missed it until today. Better late than never!!! That applies to Short Sale Basics too. You can join in at anytime. The entire 5 part series is being recorded on MP3.

No matter when you show up you’ll be on time. If High School would have worked like that I may have stayed!!

If you want to register just send Wendy or me an email at or click on the registration button in my side bar.

OK……enjoy Debe’s post. I did!


Via Debe Maxwell, Realtor® Let’s Talk CHARLOTTE! (Helen Adams Realty):

Active Rain Family Does it Again–This Time It’s Short Sales!

Short SalesI had the honor of participating in the first of a five-part series on Short Sales with Bryant Tutus & Wendy Rulnick and the class was absolutely wonderful!  As you all know, I’ve been very fortunate to live in an area that did not have the ‘bubble’ to burst but, the national economy has slowly but, surely ‘trickled down’ to Charlotte!  We had never even heard of short sales in 2007 and now, we are seeing them–and we need HELP!

Bryant (aka BB–TLW‘s ‘other-half’!) and Wendy, fellow Active Rain members, have offered a five-part “Short Sale Basics” course via webinar at a very affordable price.  They have both been participating in short sales for many years and together, share a wealth of knowledge that they’re freely sharing with us!  
Okay, it’s not really ‘free!’   

After some guidance with my first few short sales from TLW, I realized that anything and everything that I could get my hands on that related to short sales was of utmost importance for my very-near-future–and my clients.  With the wave of short sales hitting our area now, it has become increasingly stressful to watch agents who don’t have a CLUE, list short sales and then have them turn into nightmares–not only for the sellers but, the buyers who are patiently waiting lender approval–that never seems to come to fruition.

I would just like to thank Broker Bryant & Wendy for so generously sharing their knowledge and helping those of us who do want to become perficient in this process, succeed–and, of course, TLW for getting me started until class was in ‘session!’  You guys are awesome!  

Short Sales

A few of the short sale terms that we touched upon during the first session.

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Debe in Charlotte

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