ActiveRain is like being back in High School…..rebutal!

 If it makes you feel any better, I didn't finish High School. That's right folks. I was "uneducated". I was poor. I've been on my own since I was 16. I EARNED every bit of my success by fighting and clawing my way through life. BUT that's not what this post is about. I added this at the last second because I felt it pouring out of me. I guess anytime my success is contributed to being "popular" or "lucky" it just hits a nerve with me. Anyway…'s my post for today.  

OK folks, here's something I don't do that often, a blog post about blogging. I know…I know….booooring. Sorry about that but I was leaving a comment on Bob Mitchell's post and it was getting way to long. Bob's posting, AGAIN, is about ActiveRain being like "being back in High School" and used me as an example of folks that get "featured" too often. So I feel inclined to respond.

First, maybe I do get featured too much. I've had 135 featured posts out of the 278 that I've written. To make the ratio even better AR didn't even have featured posts until I had already written about 45 of them. So lets figure I've had 135 features out of 233 or so posts!! That and $6 will buy me a really good cappuccino at Starbucks. BUT I have no control over what gets featured. That's up to the moderators. And I appreciate every single one of them. You could not pay me to do what they choose to do for free. I don't solicit features, comments, subscriptions or readers. I just write and post.

Now having said that, there are several things that contribute to having a successful well read blog on AR. First and foremost is providing good content that folks will want to read. I've found that in order to achieve this, a blog post has to be educational, informative, eye appealing AND entertaining. You can put out the best informative post possible, but if it is lacking in the other areas, it will get passed by. Folks like an easy read and they like to be entertained. The key to writing is to try and find a balance in these areas. You also have to be consistent. Folks have to know what to expect when they click on your blog.

It also helps to post at the same time and on the same days of the week. And don't post too often. I post 3 or 4 times a week. This builds anticipation.

You also have to be consistent in the "personality" of your posts. It has to be real, not fake. Folks can tell the difference.

Our personal lives, our business and AR are ALL built more successfully by being likeable. It's human nature for people to gravitate towards people or things that make them feel good about themselves. This is where the social side of ActiveRain comes in. Interacting with our peers by commenting is imperative if you want to be noticed. And not just commenting but commenting well. Well thought out comments that add to the post AND comments that make the writer feel good about themselves.

You don't have to agree with what they wrote. You can certainly have strong opinions and debates BUT debate the topic and respect the person. Good communication skills mean you can disagree with some one without being negative. No one likes negative people. If you have a reputation for being negative you are dead in the water. Negative is: whining, moaning, constantly complaining and belittling others. If you do these things you will fail in life, business and on AR.

Folks, when I read posts, talking about "cliques", the "popular" people and blah blah blah, I truly don't know how to respond. Am I supposed to be ashamed of being popular? Should I try harder to be not likeable? Should I change my writing style? Should I defend myself? Or should I just consider the source and ignore it? Should a moderator have to dread featuring one of my posts because "I have too many"? I just don't know.

One thing I do know, is that the real measure of a good blog is how many subscriptions you have. To me, this is the real indicator, because folks subscribe individually to your blog. There are no points given and we don't know who has subscribed. It's anonymous. If folks like reading what you write they will subscribe to your blog. I know that I have subscribed to about 150 blogs. These are people I enjoy reading. They educate me, they keep me informed, their post are easy to read, they entertain me AND most importantly…I like them. To me they are "popular" whether they get featured posts or not. They are my friends. And I value each and everyone of them, including Bob Mitchell.

And that's all I have to say about that. For now.

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