Advice for the Brand New Real Estate Agent.

Florida BrokerHi folks. On Saturday I participated in a Webinar hosted by Jennifer Alan. I thought it went very well. If you attended I hope you feel the same. Anyway, there was one more question that Jennifer wanted me to answer. Since I didn’t do it on the Webinar I’ll do it here.

What’s the best advice you can give to a brand new agent…?”
Hmmmmm……let me see……uhhhh……. Nope. I got nothin’ for ya. I’ve been stumped!!!

OK…..not really. I DO have something for ya. In fact, I have a bunch of somethings for ya.

Brokers are obligated by law to train and supervise their agents. This is not a choice, this is law. At a minimum, new and old agents should be able to properly complete a legible and binding purchase contract and listing agreement. They should be able to prepare an accurate Market Analysis and be able to justify market value to their Sellers and Buyers. They should know when to provide the proper Agency Disclosure.

New agents should be able to intelligently discuss financing, appraisals, inspections, repairs and the closing process. These things need to be taught and learned prior to conducting the services of Real Estate. It is the Broker’s responsibility to make sure all Realtors are receiving this very minimum amount of training prior to holding themselves out to the public as being a professional capable of handling their Real Estate transaction. To be any less qualified than this is probably illegal and definitely unethical.

To be an experienced agent comes later. This is learned by trial and error. Learning how to handle closing issues, negotiating techniques, people skills, preparing marketing plans, having a feel for a deal, being able to confidently counsel your customer/clients and many other skills that can only come from being involved in transactions. Hopefully, the more deals you do the more experienced you will become. One thing for sure about this business is you will never know it all.

My advice to new agents is to take as many training classes as you can. Learn the basic skills required to conduct your business. Read everything you can related to Real Estate. Find a Mentor. Hook up with a great mortgage Broker. Take the GRI classes. Take a seasoned REALTOR(R) with you on your first listing or buyer appointment. Have your Broker review all your contracts prior to presenting them. Read and understand the purchase contact including the standards. Practice preparing a Market Analysis before your first listing.

And most important find a Brokerage that offers training. You can always switch to a higher commission split office later once you know what you are doing. Treat this business as a profession and dedicate your time to learning and you will find this a very rewarding business to be in.

And because I’m a nice guy……I’ll get you started.







So how did I do? Did I answer the question?

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