Are you a picker or a producer?

Pick meGenerating business. Do you do it? Or are you relying on your Broker or your team leader to provide you with business?

If you are not generating your own business then you are working a job. A job that can be snatched from you at any time. Personally ,this is not a position I would want to be in.

It’s also a position that will limit you in your career. You are depending on others to provide your income.

To a Broker you bring less value to the table than an agent that brings business with them. You have very little negotiating power when looking for a place to hang your license.

Business owners create/find business. That’s what we do. We get up every day and do what we need to do to generate NEW business. Our “job” is finding income. When we find enough of it we are then able to hire others to go pick it off the trees for us. Pickers are necessary but the reality is just about anyone can do it.

If you want to have a lasting career in Real Estate don’t be just a picker. Learn to be an income producer.

A producer brings income with them. You have far more value to Brokers. You are bringing us the thing we are looking for…..income.

So, if I were a new agent, I would be spending time every day learning how to generate business. This is by far the most important skill for you to develop. I use the word develop because it is an on going concern constantly evolving and changing directions depending on where the current market leads you.

Once you learn how to generate business you will have lasting security in Real Estate. It’s as simple as that. What say you? 


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