Are you selling folks or building relationships?

OK folks, I'm going to really do it today. Short, sweet and to the point!! On my last post "Broker Bryant has a serious ‘tude!" Connie Cagle asked me this question:

"Some people do mistake confidence as being cocky, and when you're in this field of work, at times that can come across as being a pushy salesperson. I've always hated those. How do you find a middle ground?"

My response was:

"Connie asked how I avoid being a pushy salesperson. Well…my technique is not selling at all. I'm there to help them. If anyone is having a hard time selling folks it's because you are asking for the business prior to building trust. Building trust is the main ingredient to any sales job. And trust is built by really being knowledgeable about what you do and being able to show that knowledge to your potential customer/client. It's also important that you listen to what they have to say. One of the biggest mistakes sales people make is…..they talk too much.

Get off the stage and place your client up there. Let them tell you what they are trying to achieve and then show them how you are going to help them achieve it. Our job is NOT about selling it's about building relationships and solving problems. If you are trying to sell people you are missing the boat. I'm not a salesperson. I'm a trusted advisor, a negotiator, a friend, a calming force and a problem solver. Forget about the sale. Forget about the commission and concentrate on the people sitting in front of you."

So there you have it folks, my short, sweet and to the point post for today. How did I do?

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