Are you winding down or gearing up?

Today’s the day!! October 1st. The 4th quarter is here. Only 92 more days to make money this year. Man, I like this time of the year and I like it a lot. I have goals to meet and now’s the time to get to work. My goal is to get all 17, of my current listings, pending before Thanksgiving and closed before the end of the year. Will it happen? Why not? There’s time. I have 7 weeks left, that’s a sale every other day. I’ve done that before, I can do it again. After all I don’t show houses, so all I have to do is get Realtors to show my listings and negotiate deals.

So, last week I started hitting up all my Sellers for price reductions. I even had a few call me suggesting it. They know the holidays are closing in and if we don’t sell by Thanksgiving, we could be dead in the water, until the New Year. My Sellers have plans and need to sell, we can’t wait that long. So together we are going to get their homes sold. This is exciting! I love goals and I love pressure!

What are your goals over the next 92 days? Are you winding down or are you gearing up?

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