Be Tenacious and get ‘er done!!

TLW and BBFor the last week or so I have been communicating online with a potential Seller. She's one of those Sellers we all like. Knowledgeable, very friendly and to the point.

She currently lives in a very nice pool home in Poinciana but has to commute to Lakeland everyday to go to school. She rides the bus so it's about a 2 hour trip each way.

So needless to say, she would like to sell in Poinciana and move to Lakeland. Anyway, after about 4 or 5 email conversations, I finally decided I needed to make an appointment to stop by and look at her house in Poinciana so I could arrive at a price that would get it sold. I sent an email requesting an appointment.

The next day I get an email from her mom!!! It seems the "Seller" I have been communicating with is actually only 14 years old!!! Holy moly!!!

Can you believe it? I picked up the phone and called mom. It turns out that the daughter, let's call her Tenacious, had taken the initiative to get her parent's house sold.

When Tenacious had mentioned selling and moving closer to Lakeland, her parents, knowing how difficult the market is, had told her no. Tenacious does not believe in taking "no" for an answer so decided to take matters into her own hands. She got on the Internet and found me.

To Tenacious, no, means "Sorry we don't have enough information to make a decision." How smart is that?

Anyway, I met with Tenacious and her parents today. We have some work to do to make this move happen for Tenacious but it's certainly achievable.

I think Tenacious can teach us all a lesson. If you have a plan and someone tells you "no" don't let that stop you. Be proactive. Gather information and then present your case again when you have the knowledge to "pitch" your plan from a position of strength.

Also, remember, we never know who is on the other end of that email!!! Be careful out there.

Tenacious… done good. Now, please be careful out there on the Internet. There are a lot of "nasties" out there!! Don't make Broker Bryant come over there and yank out your Internet connection.

That's my little story for today. What say you?

***The graphic is compliments of Jay Merton and belongs to "The Lovely Wife". Get off it!!!

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