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 Howdy fellow Rainers. I read an article in this month's Realtor magazine titled "E-mail or Blog?" written by Jim Kimmons. Jim touched down a little about e-mail being "push" marketing and a Blog being "pull" marketing. I certainly agree with this. It was a good article even though he mentioned the Typepad Blogging platform but neglected to mention ActiveRain. Now, since Jim is a member of ActiveRain, I'll cut him a little slack and assume he just forgot about us. Anyway, his conclusion was…why choose? Use both. Well, to that, I totally agree.

Below is an actual E-mail that I sent out earlier today showing how I incorporate my Blogging into my E-mails. I've been doing this for quite a while now and usually the next response I get from the consumer is…"How soon can you place my property on the market?"

This will show how effective Blogging and ActiveRain can be for your business. Blogging IS "pull" marketing but it pays to "push" it out there.


Hi Mr. NeedMeBad,

Thank you for your email received. I just pulled up the details on your house located at 123 MustSell Dr. and it certainly looks like it's priced OK. As you may know, the market in Poinciana is very difficult right now but I'm still surprised it hasn't sold at that price. The listing looks good. I can't see any thing that your current REALTOR(R) is doing wrong. However, some times a change can be a good thing. I have been selling houses in Poinciana exclusively for 13 years and personally do not work with Buyers. But I do have an agent that works for me that handles all of our Buyers. I do this on purpose. My job is to negotiate the best deal for you, not to try and appease Buyers. I keep myself separated from that side of the transaction. It helps me avoid having a conflict in interest. (He asked me if I work with Buyers)

Below are several links that will give you a good idea of how I conduct my business.

Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to look at the property and see what we need to do to get it sold.

Poinciana market reports:

Additional information:

Also, I have attached a copy of my print ad for the free home guides. I hope this information will help you with your decision. I will look forward to hearing back from you.


Now folks, this is a pretty basic and simple E-mail. I do that on purpose because I want him to check out the links. All of his questions will be answered in the links that I have provided. No need to expand upon my services in the Email. That's the beauty of having a Blog. If you are actively writing about Real Estate then you already have a complete library of marketing materials ready to use. And the best thing is you wrote it! That makes you the expert. No need to link to anything but your own stuff. So if you're not already, give it a try. I can assure you it works.

So that's it for "Broker Bryant's Real Estate Ramblings" today. How did I do?

Image used with permission of Mount Lehman Llamas. Thanks Brian!

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