Broker Bryant image contest. It’ll be fun!!!

OK, today, I'm going to do something a little different. As most of you know, I love putting images with my face on it in my posts. Most of them are images that folks have put together for me and sent to me or they used them in their own posts. I always save them and get permission to use them. Of course, I guess since it's my face I can use them anyway. But I like to give credit where credit is due.

Anyway, I need some new ones. I don't have photo shop and I'm not very good at graphics and stuff so I'm asking for your help. So let's have a contest. Let's see who can make the best "Broker Bryant" image. The winner will be picked by TLW and I based solely on our warped sense of humor. The one we like the best will be declared "the winner" and I will write a post about it here an ActiveRain. I will highlight the member who submits the winning image and will link to their website of choice.

All images submitted will be mine to use in future posts. BUT every time I use your image I will give you credit and will link to whatever site you want me to. So I guess you will also be getting some "link love" out of it. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Below are the images I have so far. These will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. By the way, any image will work. I'm very creative about working them into my topic when I write so don't be bashful. Go for it.

All you have to do is post the image/images or a link to it in the comments of this post. Also, give me the URL of the link you want me to use. You can also Email me at The deadline for the contest is June 15th. Of course you can send me images anytime you want. I WILL use them. Oh, if they are in JPEG it would help. And remember, once you post it, it's mine.

The images(5) below were made by Nick "Duh" Appraiser:




















Here's a couple from Craig Schiller:









A couple from Danny Smith:










And Jay Merton, "The Codgers" provided these two beauties.







OK, now here are my lame attempts at making an image. A couple of these are really just me being silly.









As you can see I need help. Serious help some would say. So, folks can you help me out? Please..

Oh by the way, I just passed 200,000 points. Pretty cool.

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