Broker Bryant is looking for a clue!!

Hi folks. OK, today I want to pick your brains a little. I'd pick my own but there's just not much left to it today. I'm looking for a clue and I hope you have it.

Is there really such a thing as a 100% commission office? I've been doing a little research on this and it seems these are really more 80/20 offices by the time you get done paying all the monthly fees, transaction fees, office supplies costs, fax fees, phone fees, E&O premiums, secretarial fees, transaction coordinator fees and so forth. Maybe this is just the new math.  

As most of you know I have never worked in a Real Estate office with other REALTORS® and have been working from my home for 10 years. So I truly don't know what goes on out there in the real world of Real Estate.

So, I need some enlightenment. 

  • When you work for a Re/Max, Realty Executives or similar type operations what do you feel your split really is? 
  • Does 100% really exist or is it just smoke and mirrors?
  • When you work for an office, that let's you keep 100% of the commission, what are they providing you with? 
  • Are you getting support or is it just for the name recognition? 
  • Did the lure of the 100% commission, rope you in, or were the benefits and additional services offered part of your decision?

The reason I'm asking is, I see these ads all the time in our local Real Estate magazines about keeping all the money….no desk fees, no transaction fees, no floor duty and blah blah blah. Well is it true or are they just blowing smoke up my………….mirror?

Personally, I don't think a 100% office really exist. Am I wrong? Someone please give me a clue!

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