"Broker Bryant, please don’t fire me!"

I hear stories all the time about Sellers that are trying to get out of listing agreements and are trying to cut their Realtors out of the deal to save the commission. I have such a hard time relating to these things. I have never, in 12 years, had a Seller of mine do things behind my back. It just doesn't happen. Why? Well first, I think it boils down to being in constant communication with my Sellers. They know what I am doing for them every day and I know what they are doing everyday. My Sellers even call me if they have to run out to the store or if anything in their normal schedule changes. They want to make sure I can reach them at a moments notice. After all, we are a team and we need to be on the same page. Coordinating our schedules is a part of that. It keeps us connected.

Secondly, it's about trust. My Sellers trust me and I trust them. We have an understanding. A few years back, when TLW used to work with me, my Seller's loyalty used to drive her crazy. TLW did her best to take my calls and try to answer the Seller's questions, which she was quite capable of doing, but my Sellers would have none of that. They had to talk to me. No matter how simple their question was, they had to speak with me. There was no way to get around this. TLW could spend 30 minutes with them on the phone explaining everything and giving them updates and their final words would be, "Have Broker Bryant call us". Finally we just gave up and had all calls forwarded to my cell phone. That was six years ago and it has been that way ever since. It actually makes my job a lot easier since I rarely have calls to return. I just answer the phone.

Now, for those of you that read my posts, you know that I take 45 day listings. Well, this Thursday I have 10 of my listings that are expiring. No big deal. I called most of them today and have already extended them for another 45 days. I never lose listings, so extending them is really just a technicality. However, I did have an interesting experience today. One of my Sellers actually called me apologizing that I have not been able to sell his house and pleaded with me to extend his listing. I kid you not! He even said that he would lower the price by $10,000 if I would extend his listing. Now folks I must say this has never happened to me. It was pretty funny. I had to assure him that I had no intention of not renewing his listing and that I sell every listing I take. Don't know how long it will take, and don't know how much he will get, but I will sell his house. This seemed to put him at ease. So we extended the listing and we lowered the Range by $10,000.

So folks, I guess the point of this post is to show how important it is to have constant communication with your Sellers. By doing this you will build an unbreakable bond of trust. You won't ever have to worry about what your Sellers are up to or whether or not you are going to lose the listing. Sellers will stick with you until you get the job done. Now if you can team this with aggressive and proper pricing, your business will soar. Sellers will hunt you down to do business with you. Why? Because they trust you. Not from what you have done but from what they have heard. Word of mouth advertising is the best you can get and its free! So make constant communication your number one goal for 2007.

"Broker Bryant, please don't fire me!"

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