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Recently, I re-listed one of my listings that had expired about six weeks ago. At the time it expired the hubby decided they need a new REALTOR® so did not re-list with me. I HATE it when that happens!!!

I had the property on the market for 5 months and had quite a bit of activity but being on the high side of the market, for Poinciana, we never received any offers. Got real close but nothing materialized.

Anyway, the Sellers came down before Christmas and decided to try another REALTOR® that was a friend of a friend of a friend. We all know how that goes.

I’m very close with my Sellers and talk with them all the time. Mrs. Seller did not want to switch but Mr. Seller just felt he needed to try something new. No biggie. It happens in a down market. Folks get anxious. I completely understood and wished them well.

Being the good little Broker that I am, I decided to treat these folks as if they were still my Sellers until such time that I saw the listing pop up as a new listing in the MLS. So every week, just as I had done when the listing was mine, I called the Sellers to check in on them.

Three weeks went by and the property still had not shown up in the MLS yet. Needless to say MY Sellers were very surprised to hear this since they had signed a listing agreement with their new REALTOR® when they were down for Christmas.

So, they figured they had best track down their new REALTOR® to see what was going on. It seems their new REALTOR® didn’t work over the Holidays and hadn’t had time yet to activate his new listing. Too busy opening presents I guess. Either that or his shift at Wal-Mart was keeping him busy. After all, it WAS the Holidays! Well OK then!!! You’re FIRED!!!

Do you guys like my new (old) listing? I LOVE it when that happens!! Never give up.

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