Broker Bryant’s New Buyer Lead Generation Project

Hi there fellow Rainers, here’s my Growth Leader update. Hey wait a minute…I wasn’t invited to test out Growth Leader. That’s OK. Let me just change the name of my update to……Broker Bryant’s New Buyer Lead Generation Project.

I’ve been reading all of the reports about Growth Leader so thought I would give you something to compare it to. First, I do not use PPC (pay per click). Secondly, I don’t have any exclusive zip codes and I don’t have a fancy landing page.

What I do have are three very strategically placed property ads on the Internet. I started this program on December the 27th.

Since then I have:

  • Received 342 Buyer enquiries of which 136 have registered for and are receiving auto property updates.


  • I have active communications going with 30 of them. By active I mean multiple contacts about specific properties.


  • I have presented 7 offers of which 4 have been accepted and are closing this month. All are cash deals.


  • One Buyer I actually met and only two have I ever spoken with. All others are strictly by email.


My goal is to sell 2-4 properties a week without ever getting out of my jammies!!!

Not bad for a guy that 6 months ago didn’t work with Buyers! So let me know how that Growth Leader thingie works out for you!!!

If you are a REALTOR® in Central Florida and are ready to step into the World of Internet Real Estate business PLEASE give me a call. OK that’s it for now.


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