Broker Bryant’s Random Observations on Blogging.

What a cutie!!!!

(If you are not familiar with Blogging Bertha click on the pic)

Hi folks. After over 2 years of blogging here are some observations I’ve had. 

Blogging is: 

  • fun
  • time consuming
  • a great way to get the creative juices flowing
  • very educational
  • a good way to connect with your peers
  • a very passive way to get business
  • will generate some business
  • won’t generate large amounts of business
  • a good compliment to a business plan
  • should not be your only business plan
  • according to NAR only 4% of REALTORS® blog
  • the most successful REALTORS® in my area do not blog
  • I get more business from my expired listing program
  • having multiple blogs is a good thing
  • if AR went out of business tomorrow it would not affect my bottom line
  • some of my favorite people….I met by blogging
  • putting what I do in writing makes me better at what I do 

OK those are my thoughts for today. What are yours? 

***The Blogging Bertha Picture is the sole property of ROAR!!Productions. Take it and TLW will shoot you!!Get off it!!!!

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