Buyers are liars, jerks and time wasters! Or NOT!

Today, I read a post written by Maggie Dokic. If you haven't read it stop and give it a quick read. Her post and the comments have inspired this post. Her post is about a Buyer not being loyal and using different REALTORS® to look at properties. By the way, I thought Maggie handled the Buyer fairly well. I thought some of the comments were ridiculous. REALTORS® were calling the Buyer names. So that's what sparked this post.

Folks, it is NOT the consumers responsibility to protect our commissions. They are also not obligated to stay loyal to you just because you showed them a house or two. We are SALES PEOPLE. Your job as a REALTOR® is to sell your services and until you realize that you will always have Buyers who you call "jerks", "liars", "disrespectful", "time wasters" and blah blah blah.

But make no mistake about it, it is NOT the Buyers fault. Why are you working with Buyers before they have agreed in writing to work with you? I just don't get it. I'm a listing Broker and I compete with other REALTORS® all the time. I don't expect a Seller to pay me just because I spent an hour or so of my time "pitching" them on my services. They have to decide to hire me and then we do an agreement in writing. Why should Buyers be any different? Why do REALTORS® try to sell Buyers a house BEFORE they have sold them on their services? It doesn't make any sense at all. It's ass backwards.

As long as REALTORS® continue to work like this the consumer will ALWAYS have the freedom to look at other houses with whomever they choose. They are not loyal because you haven't asked them to be. Buyers just want to buy a house. That's it. They don't care about your gas money, expenses and time. Nor should they. You don't. If you did, you would have a signed agreement guaranteeing your compensation.

Folks, this all may sound harsh and I am sure you have 100 reasons why getting a Buyer's Broker Agreement signed "won't work" or "will scare the Buyer away" or "nobody does that in may area" or a myriad of other excuses of why you can't. Bottom line is, if you can't get a Buyer's Broker Agreement signed you have not done your job. You have not sold the Buyer on your services and your value. You are making the choice to work and HOPE you get paid. And it's your right to do that. Just remember it's also the Buyer's right to look elsewhere and/or purchase through another REALTOR® or builder after YOU have wasted your time. The Buyer did not waste your time. You did. Take responsibility for your actions and quit blaming the consumer for your lack of professionalism. Up your game.

I can assure you, if you make the decision to only work when an agreement is signed, your business will skyrocket. You may have a learning curve and you may lose a few because you are still learning how to sell your services but it will be worth it in the long run.

So, I challenge each and everyone of you, to make a decision today, to be the best REALTOR® you can be. Don't say you can't. Say you will and then figure out how to do it. Remember this….A REALTOR® without a signed agreement, be it a listing or a BBA, is unemployed. And that's a fact.

If you want the consumer to respect your time and what you do, then earn it. Quit calling the consumer names and start selling them.

Now folks, you know if you read my Blog, that I'm not one to tell you to do something without giving some advice to help you do it. So here are a few posts I've written that will help you in getting a BBA signed. Now you have NO excuses.

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OK, that's Broker Bryant's ramblings for today. What say you?

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