Can’t talk now. GOOGLE me!!

Ok, just a little “quickie” today. One of the advantages to participating in ActiveRain is the excellent web exposure that it gives us. Since joining AR, back in June, my web presence has sky rocketed off the charts. That’s a very good thing. The consumer has been finding me on GOOGLE searches and I have been fortunate to get quite a bit of business from the Internet since becoming a member of ActiveRain.

I’ve had my website for many years but never really put forth much of an effort into generating web leads. I have a lot of business anyway so it just wasn’t very important to me.

BUT, things have changed and my attitude about it has changed. One of the tools I have been using this year is telling people to GOOGLE me. It works great. If I’m riding down the road and get a call from a potential Seller I can direct them to do a GOOGLE search and let them know I will call them back later. By the time I get around to calling them back, they are all ready sold on my services. Try it. Pretend you are a Seller looking for a REALTOR® in Poinciana Fl. GOOGLE Broker Bryant or Bryant Tutas and see if the results you get would help you want to do business with me. Do they?

So today, I got a call off of one of my expired letters. Nice guy but I really didn’t have much time to do an analysis on his property as I had a couple of listing appointments already lined up for today. I don’t like to keep folks hanging, so told him I would get back to him on Monday, with my opinion of what it would take to get his house sold. In the meantime, I told him I would send him a quick E-mail with some info to read. The entire conversation took about 5 minutes. As soon as I hung up, I sent him this:


It was a pleasure speaking with you about your property. I will do an analysis over the next day or 2 and e-mail you my opinion of what it will take to get your house sold in a 60-90 day period. In the meantime, here are a few links that will give you a good idea of how I conduct my business. I’m looking forward to working with you. Have a great weekend.


Bryant Tutas
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc
PO Box 969
Dundee, Fl 33838
Ph# 407-873-2747
Fx# 863-439-9342

Now folks, this is powerful stuff!! I wrote this post to give you an idea of how you can utilize your web presence without relying on folks finding you. Give it a try. I can assure you that it works. What do you think? Good usable idea? Notice how many links I have in this posts? What do you think this does for my GOOGLE rankings? There is a method to my madness.

By the way. Mr. XXXX if you are reading this I will talk with you on Monday.

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