Defining Your Unique Value Proposition

Polly want a cracker?Hi folks. OK so Wendy and me are now “Official Short Sale Instructors.” Even though we are instructing we are also learning. We are learning how to work together and how to market our new business. With any new business venture one of the first things you want to define is your “Unique Value Proposition”.

Your Unique Value Proposition is:

Clearly identifying how your products and services are different from your competition.

Basically, you have to know what sets you apart from your competition. Whether you are selling houses, Webinars or widgets, if you don’t have something unique to sell, you will struggle. You will get lost in the mix of ordinary.

And…’s NOT necessarily the product that has to be unique. It could be the marketing (Think Geico). It could be the delivery (NetFlix). Or, of course, it could very well the product (Swiss Army Knife) .

Whatever business you are in you MUST be able to answer the question……

“Why should your ideal customer purchase from you rather than from anybody else?”

On our quest to answer this question, Wendy and I keep getting back to this answer….

  • We are both full-time, working Brokers who list and sell short sales, all day, every day.

So what is YOUR Unique Value Proposition? Do you know?




“I’ve completed lots of training but feel yours was most valuable in your method of approach and delivery. The dialogue made it feel like I was in an actual brick and mortar classroom with real live scenario.” Wendy Weber, Realtor, Scottsdale, AZ

“Your webinar was very impressive and informative. I feel that it didn’t come across as a lecture, but good and clear conversation. The short sale is a very complex process, but you have made it much clearer and there was a lot of useful information.” Richard Barton Real Estate Investor

“I am really glad you guys are doing this, I was looking for a class taught by practicing real estate brokers.“  Jana Hristova

“I enjoyed the SS session 1 yesterday and look forward to the next 4. After Wendy’s comment about the lame duck DOD HAP program yesterday I decided to blast my Congressman and 2 Senators an email blasting DODs inaction as a Citizen, Veteran and Realtor serving military clients.” Don Duft, REALTOR®

“I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that you and Wendy did a fabulous job!  I’m really looking forward to the next one.” Debe Maxwell, Realtor®/Broker

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