Did I tell you about the nice bridge I have for sale?

I read on another forum today, a post, from a Realtor wanting to put together a class action suit against housevalues.com. I have actually never visited this web site but thought I best check it out to see what all the fuss is about. Well, basically it is nothing more than a “lead” generating service. My question is, why would a Realtor fall for this stuff in the first place? The only thing I could find on their site is a place to put in my zip code and then an info request form pops up. By filling out this form, I guess they send my details off to a Realtor in my area, who has paid for this service, and voila!! I get a call and an estimated value for my house. Pretty neat. Now this is what housevalues.com states on it’s front page (it‘s only page, from what I can see).

***Welcome to HouseValues.com. If you're thinking of selling your home in the next year, this FREE service will help you find your home's current market value and a suggested listing price. Click here to see a sample report.To receive your free home valuation, simply enter your ZIP Code/Postal Code in the box below, and we'll take it from there!***

This is actually the entire site. There are no other pages of info or anything else. That’s it. Unless of course you are a Realtor then you can go to another screen, give them your info and they will have a salesperson contact you to try and sell you their services. From what I understand, you can spend hundreds of dollars a month for these “leads”.

Now folks, I’m going to say it as plainly as I know how, why in the heck would anybody in their right mind pay for this service? Did you even think to look at the site before you agreed to dish out your hard earned money? Did you really think for one minute that you would make money off of these “leads”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then, I invite you to send me $39.95 per month and I promise to provide you 100 names, addresses and phone numbers, in your area, of people that live in a house. That’s right folks. I will give you my written guarantee that every “lead” I give you is a solid “lead” who owns a home and may want to sell sometime in the future. For an additional $69.95 a month, I will personally mail everyone on your list a customized marketing, jumbo, high gloss post card. For the first 100 Realtors that sign up I will include a free link to my Blog on ActiveRain.com. Sounds like a joke doesn’t it? Well I can assure you that you have a better chance of getting business, by taking me up on my offer, than you will playing pot luck with housevalues.com. So sign up today, at GiveBrokerBryantYourMoney.com and step into the real world of lead generation.

Did I tell you about the nice bridge I have for sale?

The Golden Gate Bridge photo was taken by Russell Brown.

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