Do you really know who you’re talking to?

Call me 407-873-2747Have you ever had one of your Sellers call you and pretend they were a Buyer? Well I have. I’m not 100% positive, but I am about 98% sure that is was one of my own Sellers checking up on me. I could tell that whoever it was, was disguising their voice, and the questions that were being asked me, about their own house, were very odd. It went something like this: One ringy dingy…….two ringy dingy…………………

“Hello, Tutas Towne Realty, this is the incredibly good looking Broker Bryant how can I help you?” “Yes, I was riding around and noticed the house at 321 Desperate Dr. Can you tell me how much it is?” Now the person who called had disguised their voice so much, that she sounded like a very old lady that had a mouth full of sand. I couldn’t really make out what she was saying so I asked her how I could help her today. She repeated the above statement. I said, “Well, how are you today?” “Oh I’m a little tired.”Me too, hold on a minute and let me pull the file” So I did and came back and told her the price.

The caller then proceeded to ask me why the house was so inexpensive and how come it hadn’t sold yet being that is was priced so low. She also mentioned how the house down the street was the same price but only had 3 bedrooms. She then told me how nice the house was and blah blah blah…….. About half way through her ramblings, her voice slipped back into her normal “man’s voice” for just a second and then back to a different disguised voice. It was really odd. I know it was my Seller.

This particular Seller is in a pre-foreclosure situation. I had just spoken with him the day before and he was telling me how he had just received a loan modification agreement from his Lender and needed to get it back to them by the 26th of December with a check. The only problem was he didn’t have any money and actually asked me to loan it to him. No, that’s not right, he suggested that I “invest” it with him. He would pay me back at the end of the month and then add an additional $500.00 to my commission at closing. I told him, no. I could tell he wasn’t pleased with my response. He had asked me this same question the week before and had received the same answer.

Anyway, I played the game and answered all “her” questions and asked if she would like to make an appointment to see the house. She said she would call me tomorrow after she looked at the house down the street.

Now folks, I could be wrong but I really do think this was my Seller. I think he was checking up on me to make sure I was answering my phone and to see how I talk to folks when they call in. I’ve had this happen in the past so I know it’s possible. So I’m just wondering….have you ever been checked up on by your Seller? Did you past the test?

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