Do you trust your REALTOR®? Better think again.

Buyer bewareOK before I get started let me say that I know from experience that most REALTORS® are good hardworking trustworthy folk. BUT…….not all.

As in any profession there are wolves in sheep clothing. You may think they are looking out for you when the reality is they are just looking out for their wallet.

Recently I have had agents on the other side of the transaction literally crying and begging for me to get an offer accepted because they needed money for Christmas. I would like to say I was shocked but I wasn’t.  In my 15 years of being a REALTOR® not much shocks me anymore. Agents begging to get paid is quite common.

What am I, as the representative for the Seller, supposed to do with this information? Keep it as a secret (professional courtesy) or tell my Seller and use it to  our advantage? What do you do?

Folks this is a big deal. Why in the world would an agent, I don’t even know, give me this information? I’m a Broker for Pete’s sake!! Don’t they know I am going to use this information to help my customer/client get a better deal?

I know for a fact that one recent Buyer paid several thousand more for a property and is paying a higher interest rate on an owner financed deal because their REALTOR(R) was desperate. We countered accordingly knowing that the other agent would “sell the deal”. And they did.

How often does this happen? Are you a desperate REALTOR®? Are you costing your customer/client money because you need a paycheck? I hope not. What say you?

Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid foreclosure. Short Sales DO close.

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