Don’t make me get mud on my face!

Clear to close. I love the sound of that. My three favorite words. It means all issues have been sorted out and within 48 hours my Sellers will be getting their check and I will be getting mine. I heard those words on Monday. I was so excited. I have been involved in a very difficult deal and my poor Sellers have been seriously stressed out. We had lost a deal on their house last month, the day before closing, so needless to say the Sellers have been very nervous. Well, Monday, the Mortgage Broker called to tell me the last conditions had been cleared by the underwriter and we had clear to close. The package would be delivered late Tuesday afternoon for a Wednesday closing. Excellent news! I couldn’t wait to pick up the phone and call my Sellers with the good news, so I did.

“Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Stress D. Out, I just received great news, the Mortgage Broker just called to let me know we have clear to close and we’ll be closing on Wednesday!” “What? No, no I know I’m great. Yes, I do appreciate you telling me that. I know, please don’t cry, it was my pleasure.”

Man, I am flying high now. My Sellers are happy, I’m happy. We made it. 48 more hours and this will be done. Another successful closing and “The Lovely Wife” can go shopping.

So today, Wednesday, I wake up and call my favorite closer Cara, to confirm that she has received the closing package and ask if she can send over the HUD, for me to review. “Uh, Broker Bryant, I haven’t received the package yet, let me call the Lender and see when I can expect it, maybe they sent it to the wrong place, that happens sometimes.”

Yeah, that’s it, a little confusion on the delivery. No sweat, Cara has been handling my closings for 12 years and will sort this out quickly. About an hour later Cara calls me back. “Broker Bryant, I just got off the phone with the Lender and they don’t know what I am talking about. There is no clear to close. This file has not even been reviewed yet and is fourth in line. He was actually laughing at me. He said it will be hours before he has a chance to review the file and doubts very seriously that it will be clear. He has been battling with this Mortgage Broker for weeks trying to get her to provide the information he has asked for. There will be no closing today but maybe by the end of the week if we are lucky.”

End of the week! If we’re lucky! That’s not clear to close! That’s not even close to being clear to close! She told me clear to close! I even made her repeat it and asked her if she was certain! “Yes, Broker Bryant we have clear to close”. She said that. She said that to me and to Cara. And I repeated it to my Sellers, Mr. and Mrs. Stress D. Out. They told me they loved me. I really liked hearing that. “Broker Bryant we love you.”

Why do people lie? Why not just tell the truth? If I know what the problem is, we can work together to solve it. Now I have mud on face. Mud, mud, mud. I used to like mud. But I’m not a child anymore. I’ve already called my Sellers. They still love me. But they didn’t say it this time and that sucked. But I know they do. I talk to them everyday. How can they not love me? I’m adorable.

Anyway, after all this I still feel this deal will close. The Buyers are highly qualified and very motivated. They have been living out of a U-haul for 10 days already. What difference can a few more make? It’s not their fault they hired a liar. The Sellers will wait too. After all, they do love me.

Folks, please be honest in everything you do. Let’s all work together to get deals closed. And please…………….Don't make me get mud on my face!

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