Don’t wait for your Blog to "Pull" people in…"Push" it at them!

Blogging..Push me Pull me marketingHi Folks. I know I’ve written about this topic on several occasions but I feel it’s worth repeating. Don’t wait for people to find your blog, PUSH it at them. The way I look at it is, I spend a lot of time and effort putting together blog articles. Just about every thing anyone could ever want to know about Real Estate in Poinciana Fl, what I do and how I do it, I have already written about. Why not use it?   

Here’s an Email I recently sent out:

Hi Mr New Seller,  

I have attached the listing agreement for your review and signatures. Also, there is a 5 page “Property Disclosure” that needs to be completed. Please initial ALL pages and sign/date where indicated. I will pick up the key from xxxxxx Realty on my way over to the house tomorrow morning.

OK a couple of points:

My suggestion is to Range Price the property from $179,000 to $189,000 trying to sell as close to $185,000 as possible. By pricing this way, I am able to enter the property into the MLS(Multiple listing service) at the lower price in the Range. This will make your property the best priced home of it’s size in Poinciana. This will increase our showings and increase our chances of getting offers. When priced this way, the first line in the public remarks will read: “This property is Range Priced. The seller will consider offers between $179,000 and $189,000 with $189,000 being a full price offer” We are basically inviting offers.

This LINK will explain Range Pricing in more detail.

Also, we will advertise in the listing, that the Seller will contribute towards the Buyer’s closing costs at the right price. Buyers ARE going to ask for closing costs. You can count on it. The maximum allowable is normally 3%. They are going to ask and they are going to expect it. So count on about $5,800. With the Range Pricing we will just have to negotiate accordingly. If we are giving…. they are paying.

Paying Buyer’s Closing Costs

Mr New Seller, I want to thank you again for the opportunity. I know time is of the essence and I will do everything I can to get this house sold quickly. If we need to make adjustments I will let you know immediately.

Please send the contract and disclosure back to me at FX 863-xxx-xxxx or you can scan and email.   Give me a call with any questions you may have.

OK, I know this is a very stressful time for you and your family. So here you go……have a laugh at my expense.

Broker Bryant’s Redneck Counter Offer

Now wasn’t that fun? 

So simple…..yet so effective. “Pushing” your articles at folks is another easy way to enhance your communications. Whay say you?

****Image used with permission of Mount Lehman Llamas. Thanks Brian!

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