FAQ: Why do I have to pay you an upfront fee to list my Short Sale?

Florida Short Sale Broker 407-873-2747Broker Bryant,

We’d like to list our property with you but just don’t feel comfortable paying $xxx up front to list the property. We can list the property now and as soon as you get a contract we will be more than happy to pay.

Thanks, A. Little Hesitant

Dear Mrs Hesitant, 

I do understand your concerns. There are plenty of REALTORS(R) that will list your property and not charge an upfront fee. They may even be experienced in Short Sales. However, I don’t handle my business that way.

Short Sales are complicated and time consuming. There is also no guarantee that your lender will accept one. We may very work for months, to try and get one accepted, only to have your lender foreclose on the property. Or your situation could change and you decide to go another way after I have put in a lot of hard work.

Due to these intangibles, that I cannot control, I choose to handle Short Sales by offsetting some of my costs (both, time and real)  by charging a small fee up front.

I also want to make sure that you are motivated to go through the process. I do this by collecting the needed information (short sale package) up front and asking you to place some “skin” in the game (my fee).

My market is saturated with folks that need help. Unfortunately I’m not able to help them all so I have these practices in place to help me to sort through and focus on the folks that I feel I have the best opportunity with helping them complete a successful Short Sale.

Short Sales are serious business and require you and I to be on the same page so we can achieve a positive end result.

I fully understand that my services are not for everybody. Give it some thought and let me know if you decide to move forward. Make the decision that works best for you and your situation.

I hope this helps.


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DISCLAIMER: I am a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker. This article is my opinion based on years of experience and the laws of my State. All Sellers are urged to seek competent legal and tax advice. I am NOT qualified to give advice in those areas.  


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 Bryant,  I want to thank you for all the help you provided in a professional manner. The short sell went well considering all the negotiations you had to do with First Horizon and Etrade. The end result saved us money and I hope some of our credit rating. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a home or doing a short sell.

Best Regards to you in the future,
David Fisk  Successful Short Sale closing Feb ’09


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