Faster than the speed of light!

 OK I'm back. My last post was a little intense so I thought I best lighten up a little today. So here goes. OH, it's not about TLW but I really wanted to use that picture.  After 13 years in business and hundreds of successful closings I had a first last week. A four day closing! Yep, that's right, my Sellers and I negotiated a deal on Monday and closed it Friday afternoon. Not only that but it was a 100% financing deal on a $230,000 property and a mail away to the Seller!

Is that fast or what? The contract was fully signed late Monday and sent to the Title Company on Tuesday morning. Appraisal and survey were done Tuesday afternoon. Final mortgage approval was on Thursday and Seller docs were Emailed to them on Thursday afternoon. They signed and had them notarized and placed back in UPS by 6:30 for a Friday delivery. The Buyers signed at 4:00 pm on Friday and we were closed. How's that for a job well done?

This was no Fickle Fantasy. It was a real deal. Why can't they all be like this? In my market, Poinciana Fl, most deals are like pulling teeth. If we get them done in 30 days, we're lucky. More times than not, my Sellers are signing extensions, on day of closing, instead of closing docs. So this one was real sweet. The Sellers were pleased, the Buyer was excited, the Title company, Lender and the REALTORS® came together like a finely tuned machine. It was poetry in motion.

I wonder if I'll have to wait another 13 years for something this smooth? So what was your fastest closing?


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