Fickle Fantasy Forever Forgotten

This morning, I woke up about 7am to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and the sizzle of thick slab bacon slowly cooking as TLW prepared me a gourmet breakfast to enjoy as I recline in my Tempurpedic Craftmatic Adjustable Vibrating Bed. As usual I log on to ActiveRain while simultaneously activating my Bluetooth ear appendage and preparing to deal with today's business.

My first call came in at around 8:30, from one of my Sellers, asking me to reduce their listing price as they now felt the need to "give their house away". Obligingly, I agree.

At 9:00, I had a REALTOR® call me, who had shown one of my listings yesterday. They were just calling to let me know how beautiful the home was and that it was a real pleasure to show it. They wanted to let me know that the Buyers were still looking but would keep this property on their list. I thanked her for the unsolicited feed back and proceeded to finish my delicious breakfast that was delivered by The Lovely Wife. TLW stood close by just in case I needed something else to eat or a refill on my coffee. She had woke up several hours before me to give herself time to look her best before I woke up.

After my breakfast, and a slice of hot apple pie with ice cream on top, I sauntered down stairs to my office to check my faxes and Emails from the night before. I pulled an offer, for one of my new listings, off the fax machine, full price, cash and close in 15 days. The REALTOR® had presented a beautiful purchase offer, including a cover sheet with all the contact information readable and she had taken the time to type the offer in 14 point so it was easy to read. I called my Seller who gladly accepted and told me to increase my commission by 1% for doing such a great job.

On my Email were four new listing requests. Two from ActiveRain and two from Localism. All four knew everything about me already and just requested I send them listing agreements with the price I thought would get their homes sold in 60-90 days. One of the Emails had at the bottom: "We want you to price our house at what it will take to get it sold, not what it's worth". This made me smile very wide as they had obviously been reading my Blog.

The next couple of hours I spent preparing listing agreements and making phone calls. Around 1pm, I hear my dogs barking, so I walk out side to greet the FedEx guy. He is dropping off my commission check, for $10,000, from the closing I had late yesterday. As usual, I give TLW her $20.00 and deposit the rest into my personal savings account to be used on my Marlin Fishing Excursion in Costa Rica.

A little later, Cara, my closer at First American Title, calls to let me know she just received the mortgage package, for my closing scheduled for next Wednesday, and that she just sent over the HUD1 for my review. I quickly review the HUD1 and sit back in my burgundy leather office chair and place my hands behind my ……………BAM!!! I fall out of my chair and suddenly…….I'm back in my Tempurpedic Craftmatic Adjustable Vibrating Bed as the smell of stale coffee and burnt toast attacks my nostrils. I'm awake!!! My dream is over. TLW comes flying through the bedroom door and slings my paper plate of burnt toast at me and tells me to get off my lazy @#%*& and get to work. There's a sale at Dillards today and the debit card needs refilling. THE END

Art work is Vincent Van Gogh's room Arles compliments of geek

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