Fishing for foreclosures in Poinciana FL.

What a lunker!!! Or is it?


Yesterday I wrote a post titled "Buying foreclosures in Poinciana Fl". The post was a little on the boring side but it was written for a reason….Google juice!! I just listed a couple of REO (bank owned) properties last week so I'm trying to attract attention from anyone wanting to buy or sell a foreclosure in Poinciana Fl.

Since ActiveRain has tremendous Google juice I figured a post about foreclosures with a key word rich title would work well for me. Well… did!!!

In fact with only one post, posted 24 hours ago, I now have the number one position on Google for the following searches.


  • Buying a foreclosure in Poinciana
  • Selling a foreclosure in Poinciana
  • REOs in Poinciana
  • Foreclosures in Poinciana 
  • Poinciana foreclosures for sale
  • List a foreclosure in Poinciana
  • Find a foreclosure in Poinciana
  • Sell a foreclosure in Poinciana

Folks, that's incredible!!!! Of course I do have an advantage in that I work a very specific niche market but it will work in yours as well. It just may take a little longer.

My goal is to break into the foreclosure market. Foreclosures are on the rise in Poinciana and I need to get me some of those suckas to sell!! So I'm fishin' for foreclosure business on Google.

Being in the first position for these searches presents me as the expert on foreclosures in the Poinciana area. Even though I am not the top foreclosure expert in Poinciana….yet, being first on Google gives the perception that I am.

And really, perception and presentation, are a big chunk of what we do. It's how we get business. Of course you do have to be able to back it up to keep it. Fortunately for me, I am very good at what I do, so if they call, they won't be disappointed.

Anyway, I wrote this post to show you how strong our blogging efforts are when it comes to Google. Write about what you know and what you do and the business will come.

Now, if anyone wants to buy or sell a foreclosure (REO) in Poinciana Fl give Broker Bryant a call. I'll be waiting.

By the way, can you guess how much that bass weighs in the picture? I caught it yesterday from my back yard. This may be a trick question based on my presentation and your perception. Give it a try. I'll post the answer later.

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