Foreclosures ain’t purdy!!

Buy a foreclosure today!

Today, I decided to go out and show a couple of foreclosure homes to a potential buyer. The buyer's a Broker from up north ….so, it was fun.

The house, we looked at, sounded pretty decent in the MLS, 5 bedrooms 4.5 baths with over 2800 sq ft living area and only 4 years old with an in ground pool!!

You know, I know that REOs can look pretty rough inside but I figured it's only 4 years old and it's in a very good neighborhood, how bad can it be?

The home sold for $375,000 in 2006 and was foreclosed on mid 2007. It's currently on the market for $204,900!!!! I figured it would be worth about $250,000 if it was in pristine condition. Well needless to say it wasn't exactly in pristine condition.

When we pulled up front it didn't look too bad. Good solid structure and roof. Upon opening the door we noticed the normal dirty carpet and dirty paint. Well this isn't too bad at all!!

Then we started really looking around. The pool has a wood cover over it so nobody will fall into the dark abyss. I'm not sure what may be living in that pool but I think we'll leave it for the pool man to figure out. Yikes!!! Could be gators and snakes in that sucka.

Then we noticed every door in the house had been removed along with all the fixtures and appliances including the dishwasher. Oh well….no biggie. A little paint, some flooring and appliances and we should be good to go.

So we head upstairs to see what we got going on up there. Hey where's the heating and air system? It's been yanked out!! Yep, they took the complete HVAC system….inside and out. They also took all the pool equipment including the filtering system and the pump. I wonder what it looks like behind the walls?

If the bank accepts my Buyer's $140,000 offer, maybe, we'll find out.

Just another day in the life of a REALTOR®. So how are foreclosures looking in your area?

***Bank owned property. Sold "As Is". Needs TLC***

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