Funny things I heard today that weren’t so funny!!

I need a hug!!!Hi folks, I woke up in a such a great mood today. Then my phone started ringing. 

Hi Broker Bryant…….. 

“The loan I had “clear to close” for on Friday has now been denied because the DTI(debt to income) ratios are off, we won’t be closing today.” 

“We want to make an offer of $15,000 for the house we saw on Saturday?” 

“Will you teach me how to invest in real estate? My credit’s not too good and I have no money.” 

“I know my house is only worth $125,000 but I’m in no hurry. I want to price it at $250,000.”

“We can’t find the short sale package.” 

“We had a REALTOR® friend lend us his MLS login key so we can do our own property searches.” 

“We have conditional approval they just need us to add three alternative trade lines.”

“We got served our foreclosure papers today. We’ll let them take it before we give our house away!” 

Then I read this. 

Well OK then!!! So how was your day?

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