Google is watching you!!!

Last night I watched a show titled "The World according to Google". Have you seen it? I thought it was very interesting. I must say Google has it happening! I guess these guys are on a mission to have all the data known to mankind under one roof…..Google. Kind of "Orwellian" don't you think?

Have you read George Orwell's "1984"? Where George Orwell made his mistake though, was thinking that the Totalitarian State would take over, when the current reality is it may very well be the private sector. Google.

What if Google, being the dominant search engine and disseminator of information on the planet, started using algorithms designed to limit or filter our search results to only give us the results they wanted us to see? What if Google is "Big Brother"? "Big Brother is watching you."

Did you know Google stores all of our searches, all of our search results, all of our Gmails, all of our Google Documents and anything else that is run through their system? Did you know they have plans(already working) of scanning every book that has ever been written? In fact every word that has ever been written will eventually be searchable on Google.

Did you know they are mapping every square inch of the planet on Google Earth? They are also mapping the moon.

How powerful will Google be when they have all the data relating to mankind and beyond stored in their mainframes? What if the only way you can get information is through Google? And the only way you can get it…is the way they choose to disseminate it. Did you know they already have filters on the searches performed in China? There is info the Chinese Government does not want their citizens to be able to access so Google filters it out.

Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia: I've substituted the word Google for Government.

1984 posits a world wherein Google is totalitarian in word and deed. All mass communications media are subordinate to Google's interpretation of reality. Television, as technology and as communicated content, is the principal means of thought control, buttressed by the press and publishing. Through such, the population – the ruling Party, its government employees, and the proletariat – are controlled through perpetual war and all of its concomitant material and intellectual shortages. According to Google, this life must be endured for the collective good, until the war ends; the war ends when Google says so.

OK, so maybe I'm just being foolish………or maybe NOT! What say you?

Quote from 1984:

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past."

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