Have you seen my Lil’ Orphan Annie Decoder Ring?

Man, do I have a headache today! It seems like I have been banging my head into a brick wall all day long. I have five deals I’m trying to negotiate and it has been like pulling teeth just to be able to reach the Realtors and communicate. I am pretty excited to have all these offers but honestly think I am going to come out of these negotiations with a big fat goose egg for deals on the books.

First, all the offers are on different properties, so no multiples. I guess that’s a good thing. They all have several things in common though, extremely low prices, 100% financing and 6% seller concessions. All five of them are like that! Is that amazing or what?

Secondly, on three of them, I can’t reach the Realtors. I know what you’re thinking “Broker Bryant why don’t you just fax over the counters?” I would love to do that! That is what I want to do. I don’t need to talk to them I just want to be able to fax over my Sellers’ counters. That’s it. Nothing more. Just a simple faxed response. Just for fun, lets make a little list of the issues I am encountering today.

One has no cover sheet at all, which means, I don’t even no where the offer came from! Now that makes it real hard to respond. Let’s just set this one aside until they contact me.

The second Realtor was a little better, there is a cover sheet. The only problem is, when I call the phone number a man answers, that is not a Realtor, and swears I have the wrong number. Ok, lets try to fax then. “Beep! The number you have called has been disconnected.” Ok then. I guess this one will get pushed into the waiting area on my desk with the other one.

Now the third one is really good. Looks like the cover sheet was written in crayon by a two year old. No way I can decipher this one. Ain’t happening. Again, let’s just place it with the other two, in the waiting area.

I did get lucky on the other two offers, I can read the contact numbers and they work. Except the Realtors barely speak English. Now, I normally do not have a problem with that. Spanish is the second language in Florida and it’s my fault for not learning to speak it. Maybe next year I will take a class. However, I do have a problem with sloppy offer contracts. Let’s just say I can’t read them and I’m not able to communicate enough with the Realtors, to clarify. So on these offers, my Sellers and I, have just decided to write new offers with what we want and fax them over. We’ll just wing it.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did have a sixth offer, as well. The Seller and I decided it was fraudulent so I just threw it straight in the garbage can. I did however, E-mail the Realtor and sent him a link to my latest fraud post. Maybe it will help him.

So all in all, a very busy, time wasting kind of day. It’s days like this I wish I hadn’t quit drinking 12 years ago. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m going to take 2 aspirin and call them in the morning. As soon as I find my Lil’ Orphan Annie decoder ring.

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