"Hello, Broker Bryant, How can I help you?"

Hey, are you guys getting lots of consumer calls off of ActiveRain? I am. And not just folks wanting to hire me but folks from around the country calling just to pick my brain or ask for advice. And not just consumers but REALTORS® too.

Over the last few weeks I have been receiving calls just about every day. Today, I received two. One from a consumer down in South Florida asking me questions about the difference between Transaction Brokerage and Single Agency and one from a REALTOR® (not a member) in another part of the Country, asking me about Buyers getting cash back at closing by inflating the purchase price.

I've also had numerous calls asking about mortgage fraud, range pricing, sub prime lending, short sales, agency and a bunch of other stuff.

This is not even counting the daily Emails I get from REALTORS® around the country wanting a copy of my expired letter or just picking my brain about taking listings, negotiating deals etc. Some are members of ActiveRain and some aren't.

I must say, I'm really enjoying it. It's good to know folks are reading my Blog and it's good to know they are interested in what I am saying. I always try to find out where they got my number and mostly it's from doing a Google search or from reading ActiveRain. If you weren't sure if the consumers are reading, well, I can assure you they are. They are visiting ActiveRain in force and are reading, learning and seeing how we, as professionals, conduct ourselves.

So folks, put your best foot forward. Write about what you know and don't be hesitant to voice your opinion or write about difficult issues. The consumer wants to know. They are very interested in what we have to say and the guys behind ActiveRain have given us an awesome opportunity to express ourselves. I, for one, plan on taking advantage of it. How about you?

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