How to waste time in Real Estate 101!

Got a call from a Realtor today, off one of my signs. Seems he was out showing houses with a Buyer and noticed my “For Sale” sign. Since they were in front of the house he wanted to know if they could have a look. “Well of course” I say. Then he says “My Buyer wants to know if they will negotiate”

Now I guess that’s a fair question. But you know, they hadn’t even seen the house yet and I had not told them the asking price. I guess this Buyer has been reading too much about it being a “Buyer’s Market”. Anyway, I am pleased they wanted to see it, but don’t you think the Realtor should at least show the house, before asking if my Sellers will negotiate? Then he proceeded to tell me how qualified his Buyer is and how the Buyer needs to close quickly. “Can the Sellers close in two weeks?”

Wow, I’m pretty excited now. According to the Realtor, this Buyer is extremely qualified and wants a quick close. Exactly what my Sellers are looking for! The house has only been on the market two days and it is vacant, so yeah, they can close quickly.

So I say, “Well, listen that all sounds nice but don’t you think you should show the house first?” “I mean the Buyer hasn’t even seen it yet and you are wanting to negotiate” “By the way, what is your Buyer’s price range”. Now since the Realtor had never asked me the price, I thought I had better bring up this “small point”.

The Realtor says, “He’s qualified up to $200,000, but can close real quick”. Now, my excitement is starting to fade real quick. So I respond, “Uh, you know this house is listed for $249,000, it has over 1900 sq ft and 4 bedrooms and has been rebuilt from the studs up after the hurricanes of ’04. I don’t think you need to waste your time showing it to your Buyer if he only qualifies for $200,00.” “ I could be wrong, but I don’t think my Sellers will accept anything close to $200,000”.

“But they will negotiate?” Now, not being one to blow an offer out of the water, I answer, “Yes, everything is negotiable. Why don’t you go ahead and show the house and if he likes it make an offer and I will present it to the Sellers.”

He says, “Oh, he just said he doesn’t like it, thanks.”

I guess this Realtor and his “Buyer” decided to hop back on their bubble and fly away. Go figure!

How to waste time in Real Estate 101!

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