I humbly submit my 100th featured post!!

 Hi fellow Rainers. This is one of those post I have been struggling with for days. My dilemma has been whether to write it, or not. "Well, Broker Bryant, what's the big deal?" The big deal is, this is my 100th featured post!! Now I guess this is based on the assumption that it will be featured. OK, so I admit, I e-mailed a moderator and gave a "heads up". Didn't make much sense to write a post about being my 100th featured, if it didn't get featured. So I cheated. Did you know I have never done that before? I don't solicit features and I don't solicit comments. To me, all achievements have to be earned not solicited. Anything less than that is a "shallow achievement". It's cheap. It's worthless.

So how did I end up with 100 featured posts? Is my writing that good? Am I that "popular"? Well, to be honest, I don't have a clue. It's one of those things that "is what it is". I've always strived to do my best but have never consciously written with getting a featured post in mind. I don't know the "secret formula" or what it is the folks with the power to feature, are looking for. I just write and post. I write about what I know, Real Estate. I tell stories. I write stuff that I hope will help someone in their business. At the same time, I write stuff that the consumer will find interesting. My posts are written to both audiences, the consumer AND my peers. I very rarely write "members only" posts.

Is it because I'm popular? I'm sure that has something to do with it. I mean let's face it, no matter how fair a moderator tries to be, their choices will always have a bit of bias in them. But that's no different than anything else in life. All of our decisions are based on our biases, whether consciously or subconsciously. It's the way the mind works. But there is nothing I can do about that either. I am who I am. I don't bring out a different personality for ActiveRain. I write the way I talk. And I write the way I feel at any given moment. My thoughts are my own. I try to convey my thoughts by the use of words.

I joined ActiveRain back in June of 2006. I think I was member 620 or something like that. Not quite sure. I do know we didn't have featured posts back then. Features started in August.

My 1st featured post was on August 15. It was my 54th post and from what I can tell, it was the 2nd featured post on Active Rain. Here it is:

ActiveRain has helped me to grow as a REALTOR® and most importantly as a person. It helps me to unwind. It helps me to explore what it is I do and how I do it. I have made many friends. And I have learned more than I ever thought I could. I write because I enjoy it. I don't write for business. I write because it is relaxing and because I like sharing what I know.

"OK, Broker Bryant, what's the point of this post?" Well, first, I felt I needed to mention the 100th featured "thingie". Why not? It is a pretty big milestone for me on ActiveRain and I wanted to share it with my friends. Also, I thought maybe by writing this is would help someone who is just getting started with Blogging. Maybe, by reading some of my past posts it will help you establish your own voice and style. So with that in mind, here are some of my past posts, that I enjoyed writing or that struck up a good conversation or debate. Enjoy!!!!








OK, I'm done. I sincerely want to thank all the members of ActiveRain that have supported my Blog. By the way, this is my last post on ActiveRain.

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