I never promised you a rose garden.

 Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about listing presentations. As you know I am an exclusive listing Broker and have been for 13 years. I've sold hundreds of homes in Poinciana Fl and consider myself an expert when it comes to pricing and getting Sellers to hire me to sell their properties. It's what I do and I take it very serious.

Currently, my market is very difficult. Homes are just not selling and needless to say this makes my job more difficult. I cannot walk into a listing presentation being Mr. Optimistic. I guess I could but I won't. Giving Sellers "false hope" is the worst thing we as REALTORS® can do. Sellers, need to know, that selling their house is going to be very difficult even at the right price. If it's over priced…well forget about it. They will not get lucky in this market.

So my listing "pitch" has changed. I no longer go in with the attitude, "that if you list with me I will sell your house in 90 days guaranteed". Because chances are I won't. And Sellers need to know this. I can't make promises that I can't keep. If I did, my Sellers would be very unhappy when I start making excuses for why I didn't get their home sold as promised. Personally, I don't do excuses.

"But, Broker Bryant, why be so negative? Why would people list with you if you can't promise you will sell their house?" Well that's a good question. Folks list with me because I am 100% honest when it comes to market conditions. The market "is what it is". There is nothing I can say or do that will change that. If I painted a rosy picture of the market, when in reality, it sucks, I would be doing my Sellers a disservice. I have more respect for my Seller's intelligence than that. They know the market is bad and because I tell them this they trust me. I'm not trying to sell them on my services. Instead I'm giving them the truth so together we can devise a plan that will give us the best shot at getting their home sold.

By having this attitude and using this approach I am able to keep properties listed until they do sell. My Sellers are also more receptive to making adjustments when necessary. They know, without a doubt, that I am doing everything I can to get their properties sold.

In this more difficult market, Sellers need a REALTOR® that is able to be brutally honest about current market conditions and pricing. Now having said that, there are still many Sellers out here who are living in la la land. And that's OK. It's their property and they can do what they want with it. It's their right to "hold out" so they don't have to "give their house away". They just won't be doing it with me.

But, I can assure you, there are many REALTORS® who will be happy to work with them. Of course they will be damaging their reputation and they won't get paid. But hey, maybe they'll get a Buyer or two off the yard sign. I wish them luck. Let me add this: If you are taking listings to attract Buyers you are doing your Sellers a disservice. Using an overpriced listing as "buyer bait" is wrong, it's deceitful, it's unethical and your real estate career will be short lived. And I, for one, will be happy when you get out of the business. Is that honest enough for you?

As for me, I will continue to be brutally honest and will continue to under promise and over deliver. Will you?

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