I’m going to Disney World!!!

 Hi folks. I've got something really new and exciting to share with you today. I'm now in the Disney Vacation Club resale business. That's right….I'm a timeshare Broker.

Yesterday, my mother, Jaki Tutas-Apetz and my youngest brother Kinn Tutas, launched a new business…Garden Views Realty, Inc. Yours truly, Broker Bryant, is their new Broker.

Kinn and Mom have been in the Disney Vacation Club resale business for quite a few years and just recently made the decision for Kinn to open his own Brokerage. They hired me to be the Broker because…..well…..because I am soooooo good looking!

Anyway, I'm going to be setting up a new profile on ActiveRain so I can start getting them some good Google juice. And of course I want to be able to scam the ranking system with my Tutas Towne Realty blog by rating all my own posts a five. Now I hope you guys know that's not something I would NEVER do. I promise to play fair in the Rain.

OK, so here's my problem. I don't want to co-mingle with my already awesome Google juice. That means I won't be using Broker Bryant or Bryant Tutas in my new profile. So do you have any name suggestions?

Mom and Kinn already have a profile here, that they have had for a while. I wonder if I should just have a profile named Garden Views Realty or maybe come up with a different name like "Goofy Bryant" or "Broker Mickey".

So let's have a little contest and see what we can come up with. Will you help me?

Also, pop over and welcome my family to ActiveRain. Here's their profile and here's the new website ResalesDVC.com. The website is very much a work in process so be nice. Hey, they had a sale today, it must be working!

I almost forgot, if you know of anyone interested in purchasing or selling a Disney Vacation Club timeshare….well….pop Kinn an email. I get paid on those suckas so let's get busy. TLW needs to go shopping.

Until next time…..

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