"I’m not giving away my house!"

“I’m not giving my house away!” Have you heard that lately? I bet you have. It seems to be the popular phrase in my market right now. “I’m not giving my house away!” Nope, you probably won’t have to either. Let’s analyze this Mr. Give A. Way. You bought your house 20 months ago for $128,000 with no money down. Today the “True Value” of your home is $250,000 and you have been on the market for 6 months at $275,000 with no showings. By the way Mr. Give A. Way, how’s that been working for you?

Let’s see now, there are 97 houses on the market, within 2 miles of your house, that are identical to yours, these are priced from $245,000 to $325,000. Yes, that’s $325,000! A little over priced to say the least. Now Mr. Give A. Way, in order to sell your home, in 45 days or less, I recommend we “Range Price” your home from $239,000 to $259,000 with $259,000 being a full price offer. By pricing this way, yours will be in first position on an MLS search, for similar homes, this will generate showings and we should be able to negotiate a price in the middle of the “Range”. That would be $249,000, right at true market value. “$249,000!!! I told you, I’m not giving my house away!!”

Now, now Mr. Give A. Way, let me try to put this in perspective for you. At a selling price of $249,000 minus my commission, your closing costs and mortgage payoff, you will still Net approximately $100,000 in your pocket. Now let’s see, that’s a $100,000 in 20 months on an investment of zero dollars. That really is awesome you know. That’s a life changing amount of money Mr. Give A. Way. So, does this sound good? All I need is a key and I will get you up and running right now. Just sign here and here and I will go out and put up a sign and get a lockbox, Ok?

“How about your commission? If I have to give my house away you should give me a discount on your commission. Look at all the money you are making just for putting a sign in the yard”

“Excuse me, Mr. Give A. Way………..I’m not giving  my commission away!” NEXT!!!!

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