Isn’t RedFin a tuna?

This past Monday morning I was sitting on my adjustable, vibrating, craftmatic, temperpedic bed enjoying my morning coffee with breakfast (toast), that TLW delivers to me every morning, "working" on ActiveRain, when my phone rang. "Good morning Tutas Towne Realty, this is Broker Bryant your local sooooooooooo good looking area Real Estate expert, how can I help you on this beautiful sunny Florida morning?" Well, maybe I didn't say EXACTLY that, but it was close. Anyway, a very pleasant lady on the other end starts asking me about one of my listings. She said she was a Buyer, so I answered her questions about my listing and then asked her if she was working with a Realtor. "Yes, I am, and I'm just helping her out today" Then she started asking me about a few of my other listings and wanted to know if they were vacant or Seller occupied. I politely told her I couldn't give her this info, but, please have your Realtor give me a call.

Well, I guess she didn't hear me because then she asked me if the properties were on electronic lox boxes or did she need a code. She wanted to look at them between 12:00 and 1:00. I asked her again if she was a Realtor, because I thought maybe I had misunderstood her. After all, she was very good at asking for showing instructions, polite, informed, clear speaking and very precise with her questions and her showing times. But nope, she confirmed again she was a Buyer and was just helping her Realtor out. I eventually managed to get it through to her that I could not give her this information and that she really needed to have her Realtor give me call. She finally understood and hung up. I never did get a call from her Realtor.

So what do you think? Overzealous buyer? Redfin? ZipRealty? Is this the way of the future? If we are giving you back a commission rebate then you need to arrange your own property showings?

Whatever it was, I adjusted my bed upward and cut on Regis and Kelly. I hope I didn't miss a sale. "Hunnee? Can you bring me another piece of toast? And some tuna?"


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