It’s not the Lenders job to get you paid!

$27 a monthHi folks. I want to address Jim Paulson’s recent post……….

Realtors need to stand up to lenders on short sales!

In his post Jim is talking about the frustration with Lenders changing our commission on Short Sales AND Brokers changing the co-broke offered in the MLS based on what the Lender will allow. Please stop over and read Jim’s post. It is “Member’s Only”.

Here’s the deal. MLSs should not allow the co-broke to be altered. This is wrong and needs to be changed. But……

As for the lender adjusting the commission, this is NOT what they are doing. The lender has no authority over my listing agreement. They do however have authority over how much of THEIR money they will pay TOWARDS a commission.

If you have an agreement with your Seller to pay you x% and the lender will only allow y% then the Seller simply pays the difference UNLESS you decide to let them off the hook. The lender’s decision does not alter the listing agreement. Thinking it does….is a myth. Unfortunately it’s one that most agents just roll over and accept. Not me.

If you are on the Buyer side of the short sale then simply have an agreement (BBA) with the Buyer where he will pay you a minimum commission. That way if the co-broke is reduced the buyer can pay the difference. If the Buyer can get a good deal on the purchase then this should be no issue. If it is….the simply explain you can’t show him Short Sales.

I had a lender, GMAC, try to reduce my commission yesterday. They explained to me that it was their policy and there was nothing they could do about it. what I said was:

There are 3 agents being paid out of this x% commission. Why am I being asked to reduce? I did my job and I’m only making a little more than $x,000 on this deal. GMAC needs to get in line with market conditions. Realtors(r) are working our butts off to help GMAC avoid the cost of a foreclosure only to have money taken from us. I won’t change it. Who can I talk to that can make that decision?”  

They left it alone.

We are in complete control of our compensation as long as we remember who is paying us and write our commission agreements (BBA or listing) accordingly. And don’t just fold when asked to reduce. Stand strong and voice your opinion. They may just agree. If they don’t then discuss it with your Seller….after all that is who you have the agreement with.

Now having said all this…..I have taken less in the past and I’m sure I will in the future BUT it’s a decision made between me and the Seller NOT the Lender.

AND…..whatever I get paid……I will fully honor the co-broke being offered in the MLS. It’s the fair way to handle business. If you don’t have the ability to get paid then I suggest you offer a lower co-broke. One that you know you can honor. Better yet….learn how to negotiate. Isn’t that why we get paid? What say you?

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