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Let's heal the wound!Hi folks. OK I’ve tried to NOT write this post but I just can’t fight the urge. As one of the “popular” members on ActiveRain sometimes I just have to jump into the lion’s den. I know I shouldn’t, BUT I feel obligated to. I know I have a large readership and by writing this, it will get read. Also, I LOVE ActiveRain!!! I have been a member for almost 2 years and have seen this place grow from roughly 600 members, to where it is today, with almost 90,000!!! Incredible. 

This week, has been a rough one for the owners and staff of ActiveRain, controversy has once again raised it’s ugly head and the proverbial shit has hit the fan. The recent banning of a member has started a very heated debate about censorship, justice, lemmings, hidden agendas and freedom of speech. 

If you are not aware of what’s been going on you can check it out by reading these posts. There are plenty more but these will get you started. 

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Leadership requires decisiveness on gray issues 

OK…..this post is NOT about who is right and who is wrong. This post is NOT about creating division. This post is NOT about the definition of Lemmings. This post is NOT about demanding reinstatement for Bill Burress. This post is NOT about suing folks because we don’t like what they write. This post is NOT about being a Liberal or a Conservative. This post is NOT about being a Christian or not. This post is NOT about name calling. 

This post IS about finding common ground. And in order to do that we MUST agree on some very basic facts. 

  • Freedom of speech does not apply to this site as it is privately owned.
  • Not all Christians are Conservatives.
  • There are Liberals who are Christians.
  • Bill Burress was a staunch AND opinionated defender of HIS beliefs.
  • ActiveRain IS mostly a real estate site.
  • We are guests of ActiveRain.
  • Jonathan Washburn, as CEO of ActiveRain, has the right to make difficult decisions relating to HIS site, whether we agree with them or not.
  • Bill Burress’s comment, about Lemmings, was NOT the only reason he was removed from ActiveRain. 

Let’s start there. I believe these are statements of fact. Can we ALL agree on these facts? If not let me know why. 

Secondly, where do we go from here? What can we do as members of this awesome site to come together and move beyond what has happened? 

Folks, I don’t know the definitive answers to these questions. However, I can give you my opinion. And here it is: 

As a community we need to get back on track and focus on the things that have made ActiveRain such a great site. For me these things are: 

  • Sharing what we know.
  • Caring about other members.
  • Respecting others. 
  • Providing the consumer with great real estate information.
  • Giving the consumer a peak at our personalities.

We also need to: 

  • Debate the topics but respect the person.
  • Steer clear of ALL name calling.
  • Stop making generalizations about people, their religion and their politics.
  • Abide by all laws and codes including Fair Housing, licensing and CoE.
  • Respect the owners vision for their site.

Remember that our individual blogs should also fit into the greater scheme of things which is this community and it’s mission.

OK…that’s all for now as I want to leave room for you folks to add your comments. I ask that you do so with respect. I also ask that your comments are about solutions on how to move forward, united. Not united in opinions and ideas but united as a community. A community that wants to thrive so we can ALL benefit. Remember this isn’t about YOU it’s about US. 

I’m a simple man and this is all I got for ya.  What say you?

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