LOCALISM: What’s in it for Sellers?

Localism. YIPPEE!!!!Hi folks, as most of you know by now, the long awaited launch of Localism is coming up this week. Localism, in my opinion, is going to be HUGE!!!! I know the guys have been working very hard on this and I am very excited for them and for all of us. 

There has been quite a few posts this week about the launch and what the guys’ vision for Localism is. Here are links to a few of the posts in case you have missed them: 

10 Steps to Localism Success by Jonathan Washburn

  • We are creating a site to attract the consumer and hopeful draw their participation. Post sparingly about real estate. When you do write about it, write about new home developments, and subdivisions” 

Localism: From Beta and Beyond by Jonathan Washburn 

  • “The end game in real estate blogging is blogging about your local geographical area of expertise”  

And Now for Something Completely Different by Rich Jacobson

  • With the advent of the New Localism, our focus is about to change. Back to where it should be, where it needs to be, back to creating valuable, quality local content for consumers” 

Inquisitive, Non-Accusatory, Really Want to Know Something Question From Barry Cunningham. By Rich Jacobson

  • “The New Localism will become more of a point of connection for neighborhoods and communities, where residents and local businesses can interact with one another.”

OK, from everything I have read about Localism, thus far, the main focus seems to be creating a “go to” place for consumers to be able to find relevant hyper-local information about an area where they may be interested in moving. Once they zero in on an area and start educating themselves they will be better prepared to choose a “local expert” to assist them with a purchase. 

The idea is that it will give the consumer so much more than just listings to look at. I completely agree with this vision. BUT…..I don’t work with Buyers. I’m a listing Broker. As are many members of ActiveRain. Personally, I have difficulties writing hyper-local content because my potential Sellers just don’t care. They are selling and moving, usually out of State. What they do care about is hiring someone that knows real estate. I attract Sellers by writing about what I do and where I do it, not by writing about “new home developments, and subdivisions“, to quote Jonathan. 

So my biggest concern, right now, is that the editors of Localism will reject posts that are written with Sellers in mind. For example, posts on proper pricing, post explaining absorption rates, staging, the selling process etc…. 

I know from experience that many Sellers have hired me because of what I write and rarely is that hyper-local information. Sellers have hired me because of the way I interact with my peers. Sellers have hired me because of the way I write about pricing. 

As it stands now, we have these 5 categories to post to when posting to Localism for the consumer: 

  1. General Information
  2. About a Region (Region required)
  3. Regional News and Events (Region required)
  4. Market Reports (Region required)
  5. Advertising a listing(s)

My first suggestion is to add a category specific to Sellers. I struggle with these categories now, for example, when I write a post about short sales, where do I post it? Now I could post it in “General Information” BUT, if I do that, it does not show up in my area. In fact, I don’t even know if it goes to Localism at all. So I post it under “Market Reports” or “About a Region” even though I feel that is incorrect. Maybe a simple “Seller Info” category would work. What do you think? 

My second suggestion, I had already mentioned to Jonathan in one of his post, and that is to be able to post ONLY to Localism without the post showing up on ActiveRain at all. Jonathan did say that this could be done but I want to know your thoughts on it. 

Now, I want to add, I have been a member of ActiveRain for 2 years and I FULLY trust the guys to do what is best for the community. The only reason I wrote this post was to remind them to think about us listing Brokers as well. Writing for Buyers and writing for Sellers are 2 different things. Buyers want listings and local information, Sellers want to know who we are and how we do what we do. Unless, of course, I’m just wrong. It wouldn’t be the first or the last time 🙂 

The important thing is…..what do you think?

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