Makeover to Takeover. The best protege ever!!!

Hi folks. I’m writing this post to help out my new friend Matt Yogerst. As most of you know, ActiveRain posted a few days ago, about a new competition they are putting together called: “Makeover to Takeover”. Have you heard of it? If not, just click on the link above…..that’s why it’s there for Pete’s sake!! 

Anyway, I received an excellent Email sales pitch from Matt asking me to team up with him to WIN this contest. But alas…..I turned him down!! Now, it wasn’t personal, it’s just that I’m selfish I don’t do anything unless I can give it 100% and unfortunately, or fortunately I guess, I’m just too busy working on my tan business. 

I did however take the time to read through Matt’s profile and his website and he strikes me as a very nice young man. Matt has only been in the business about a year and has just recently joined ActiveRain. 

Matt needs a mentor for the contest and I am writing this post to bring attention to his quest. 

So folks, take a few minutes to check Matt out. If you want to be a mentor for the ActiveRain competition please consider helping this young man. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to see him succeed because of your efforts? So what do you say? Any takers?

Matt, my only advice is to not act like the guy in this video!!


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