Margaret Rome…….thanks for the "Brain pick"!

 Today, I was very fortunate to have two great phone conversations with fellow Rainer Margaret Rome. We have spoken before but today was special as we had a chance to talk about how we do business and the things we have in common. And folks, I must say, it is uncanny the similarities in what we do. Margaret, by the way, is a great lady and an excellent Realtor.

If you ever have the opportunity to “pick her brain” I highly recommend you take advantage of it. She is very successful and extremely knowledgeable about Real Estate, and as most successful people, willing to share her knowledge. You can read about some of Margaret’s techniques at and tune in tomorrow (Sunday), between 12-1 Eastern time, at to hear her on the radio in Baltimore. Great show. Great host. I phoned in to her show two weeks ago and we had a excellent conversation on the air. She made it very easy, for me, by asking all the right questions.

Anyway, to show you how uncanny our similarities are here is a short list of our commonalities.

1. Both solo Realtors. No teams or assistants.

2. Primarily listing agents.

3. Have the same amount of listings.

4. Close the same number of transactions yearly.

5. Both work from home.

6. Both are experts on pricing.

7. Our services are not cheap.

8. I’ve been in the business 12 years, Margaret 16 years.

9. We both love helping other Realtors succeed.

10. And we are both soooooooooo good looking.

So, Margaret, kudos to you for being such a fine person. I truly believe we were separated at birth. And Margaret, my friend, thanks for the…….Brain pick!

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