My job sucks!

What a tuff week!!!

Hi folks. Well…..I made it through another week. Here are some funny things that happened this week.

1. One of my Sellers gave me fake pay check stubs that his boss “created” so he could show a lower income to his Lender and qualify for a Short Sale.  

2. We made an offer on a REO, sight unseen, only to find out the pictures in the MLS were of the wrong house.

3. Had a Buyer interested in a $32,000 REO property that was offering a co-broke of 2% MINUS a $250 transaction fee. For anyone math challenged that’s $390.

4. Chase can’t locate one of my Short Sale packages. It has 275 pages!

5. I got all excited about a $550,000 listing only to find out it’s now worth $150,000.

6. Just listed a $90,000 Short sale that has annual taxes of over $7,000! The tax payment will be higher than the mortgage. Think it’ll sell?  

7. Six weeks into my only transaction, that’s not a Short Sale, the Mortgage Broker called to say she just found a student loan and we…………flucker!

8.  The average sales price in my market has dropped from $220,000 to $65,000 in the last 24 months. OK so this one’s not too funny.

Tomorrow, I’m going fishin!!!

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