My respect for Buyer’s agents has increased tenfold!

Where's the house?

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I have recently been working with quite a few buyers. One thing this has taught me is……I’M AN AWESOME LISTING BROKER!!!

Here are a few observations from the other side of the fence: 

  • Most of the homes I have looked at were disgustingly dirty. 
  • It is VERY difficult to get showing instructions. 
  • Does anyone EVER answer their phone? 
  • Don’t you think you should mention the Rottweiler? 
  • Same with the security system. 
  • Why does it take me 3 days and 5 tries to confirm receipt of an offer? 
  • Why in the world would you have me call your Seller for access? (I think I’ll be getting a couple of listings from this). 
  • I MUCH prefer working with Sellers.
  • I truly value the job you Buyer’s agents do. 

Much to my surprise, it’s NOT the Buyer’s driving me crazy it’s the listing agents.  OK…..those are just a few thoughts I had today. What are yours?

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