Never? Ever? Maybe? OK, let’s do it!

 Hi folks. This week Tutas Towne Realty, Inc has changed directions, slightly. We hired a Buyer's representative. I know, I know, "But Broker Bryant you don't work with Buyers, ever". Well, I changed my mind. I'm the boss and I can do that. You know one of the traits of successful people is the ability to be flexible and willing to change directions when it is called for. Ever, to me, means, not at this time. As things change and I get more data I make adjustments accordingly. You may have noticed that the market has shifted and, at least in my area, it is a full blown Buyers market. So I hired a REALTOR® to handle my Buyer business.

We've had Buyer representatives in the past but when the market changed in 2004 I didn't need one anymore. My associate, at that time, left for greener pastures and I left the position vacant. My listings, were selling in record time, so it didn't make a difference. When I did get Buyer leads, I just handed them over to a few select REALTORS® in my area and let them have them. I never charged referral fees. I used these referrals to build relationships with my peers.

But things have changed. Listings are more difficult to sell, so I have been doing a little more Buyer orientated advertising and the phone has been ringing. Now, since I definitely do not feel like riding around looking at houses, I brought someone on board to take care of that for me. I'm sure I will keep her busy. It's a pretty good job, handle ALL of Broker Bryant's Buyer leads with no inter office competition.

Let me introduce you to Veronica Folayan. Veronica has actually been a customer and friend of mine for years. I sold her a house about 6 years ago in Poinciana, sight unseen, over the Internet. We have subsequently done several other transactions. Veronica has been investing in Real Estate for quite a while and owns several properties. Even though she is a new REALTOR® she is very experienced in Real Estate. Veronica has joined ActiveRainso I'm hoping we can give her a big welcome and coax her out into Blog world. Maybe she can write about her experiences as a new REALTOR® working under me. I'm sure that will give her enough material to keep us all reading. She doesn't know I'm writing this post. I thought I would send her the link after we get some words of encouragement.

So without any further ado, please welcome my friend and new associate Veronica Folayan.

By the way, she too, is sooooooooooooooo good looking!

Final thoughts from Broker Bryant. To be successful in Real Estate or anything for that matter, be willing to embrace change. Keep you fingers on the pulse of the market and align your business accordingly. Always be willing to help and to learn from others. And most importantly, keep moving forward. It's all about forward movement.

Good luck Veronica!!

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