Please leave a message after the beep…..or NOT!

Hi folks. This post is a follow up to my post earlier this week, “One ringy dingy…..two ringy dingy!” If you read that post then you know I am a firm believer in answering the phone when it rings. There are occasions, however, when I can’t and in those cases the caller will get my voice mail, which leads me to today’s post.

Your voice mail may very well be the first contact a consumer has with you. With that in mind, it’s important that your voice mail is a reflection of who you are and how your handle your business. In my daily business I have many opportunities to leave messages on others’ voice mails. Sometimes I leave a message and sometimes I don’t.

I only leave a message when I know for sure that I am leaving my message on the right voice mail. It actually surprises me how many times I can’t tell, by the message, who I’m calling. I’m sure you have all experienced these types of messages or worse yet….no messages at all. Here are a few examples of what I am referring to:

  • This is Jim leave a message”
  • “Please leave a message after the beep”
  • “This voice mail is full please call back later”
  • “Beep”

And of course we all get the screaming kids in the background or a message you just can’t understand for whatever reason.

Well, when I get these types of messages I for one don’t leave a message and I can assure you many consumers do not leave one either. They call the next name on their list.

Now I’m a simple man and believe in keeping things very simple. My voice mail is short, sweet and to the point. This is what it says, “Thank you for calling Tutas Towne Realty….this is Bryant….sorry I missed your call BUT your call is VERY important to me so please leave your name, your number and a detailed message and I WILL call you back quickly. Also….visit my website at Thanks again for calling and make it a great day!”

That’s it. My message is about 20 seconds long and is recorded in a clear happy and upbeat voice. Your message should always be 30 seconds or less. Less is best. My message, though very short, achieves the following:

  • Lets them know they have reached Tutas Towne Realty.
  • Gives them my name.
  • Lets them know their call is important to me.
  • Lets them know I will call back quickly(and I do).
  • Gives them my website address.
  • Lets them know, by the tone of my voice, that I am professional, optimistic and a good communicator.
  • Helps them feel comfortable leaving me a message. And they are because they do.

One last thing, this also works in reverse when LEAVING a message. Speak clearly and slowly. Leave your name and the reason for your call. Most importantly, leave your return phone number, TWICE. That’s right….twice. Say it slowly and then say it again. I can’t count how many messages I’m unable to return during the week because they either didn’t leave a number at all or they spoke so fast I couldn’t understand a word they said. So slow down and get it right. Maybe those REALTORS® aren’t calling you back with showing instructions because they can’t decipher your message.

That’s it folks, a short, sweet and to the point post about short, sweet and to the point voice mail messages. So how’s your message? Not sure? Then call it and find out. Make changes if necessary. Please leave a comment after the beep. BEEP!

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