Roving Reporter Broker Bryant Reports from Orlando!

Good morning fellow Rainers! This is roving reporter Broker Bryant reporting form the ActiveRain Orlando gathering. Folks, this was an EXCELLENT event. Caleb, Matt and his lovely wife Lydia were in attendance and I have to say, very, very nice people. I’ve spoken with all of them on the phone several times but to get an opportunity to meet them face to face was really a pleasure. All three are several years younger than my children but they really have it together. Smart, personable and just all around nice folks.

Also at the party were: Cyndee Haydon and her “Flat” Jack. Nick “Duh” Appraiser. Ted Baker. Robert Schwabe. Neal Bloom. Mathew Blum. Leah Ross. Ruth and Jim Jacobs. David Albernathy. Rick and Ines Garcia. Midori Miller. Albert Terwilliger. Lysa Napolitano. Peggy Edwards. Chris Elizabeth Griffith. Colleen Kulikowski. TLW. Broker Bryant.

So folks, without further ado. Here are the uncut, uncensored videos. I hope you enjoy them.

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